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fRilingue's Ski and Language Camps

Published on Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Happy New Year!


We hope you all had a good one.


Here at fRilingue, we wasted no time getting stuck in, with our ski & language camps kicking off on 2nd January right here in the Swiss Alps!


However, we’re already turning our attention to the summer, and not just here in Switzerland, but also to our language camps in Serbia.


Summer 2018 will see our French, English & German language camps in Serbia enter their third year, with last year’s camp seeing 100 kids and teens join us across four weeks, and to celebrate our third summer, we’re holding our camps in three beautiful locations this time, as opposed to just the one!


Our language camps in offer kids & teens aged between 12 and 17 the chance to learn French, German and English in beautiful surroundings while also enjoying excursions as well as a range of afternoon and evening activities including art, sports, theatre and more!


Here’s a quick summary about each of our 3 camp locations:


Fruška Gora (8 - 14 year olds)


The charming Fruška Gora mountain is where healthy and tasty local and international cuisine await you. Summerhouses complement the atmosphere by providing beautiful views of the natural surroundings, as well as a comfortable place for classes and afternoon gatherings. What's more, there are also ponies! What more could you ask for?


Once the day’s adventure is done, students are accommodated in comfortable 3-5 bed apartments with a bathroom.


Rudnik (12 - 17 year olds)


Rudnik Mountain is located 190 km from Novi Sad and 115 km from Belgrade, and sits 710m above sea level. A large number of sunny days during the year, extraordinary mountain climate and clean air have contributed to Rudnik being known as an ‘air spa’. Our spacious resort has classrooms, a TV hall, living room, dining room and entertainment hall. Outside the building there is a sports complex, fields and outdoor classrooms.There is also an outdoor swimming pool within the vicinity.


Students are accommodated in comfortable 5 or 6 shared bedrooms with a bathroom.


Goc (12 - 17 year olds)


The Goc Mountain is 280 km from Novi Sad and 200 km from Belgrade, and sits 920m above sea level. It is extremely rich in forests, springs and clear mountain rivers and is also home to an artificial lake. Our hotel has excellent conditions for conducting outdoor classes and extracurricular activities and has a capacity of about 100 beds, as well as a restaurant, entertainment hall, an outdoor sports complex, and indoor sports hall.


The participants are accommodated in comfortable 3 and 4 shared bedrooms with a bath & toilet.


If your interested in our language camps in Serbia and would like to find out more, you can contact us directly on or visit our Serbian website:


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