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Green Zoni: Earth Day and Every Day

Published Korinne Algie on Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Students display their Earth Day art at Zoni West New York

At Zoni we believe it is important to be green. We strive to raise environmental awareness among our students and encourage them to do what they can do to help. Although this is largely part of our everyday, for the past few years we have taken the opportunity International Earth Day provides to really address this issue in a fun and informative way.

Earth Day was founded in the United States in 1970 and is celebrated around the world by more than a billion people each year. In the lead up to Earth Day we introduce environment related topics into our curriculum across all levels, culminating in an Earth Day T-Shirt competition. In this friendly competition, classes at our various campuses get creative. Students create posters and design and create Earth Day t-shirts.

Although Earth Day is just one day a year, we are committed to green initiatives. All of our campuses recycle. There are recycling bins and students and staff are encouraged to use them. Additionally, we encourage everyone on campus to use reusable water bottles and/or coffee cups. Similarly, we are very fortunate that New York and New Jersey have such good public transport systems. We always recommend public transport over private cars or taxis.

One of our biggest green initiatives is paperless testing. This means that all testing at Zoni is now electronic. In the past, students were given printed tests – some of which could be 6 pages long. You can imagine how much paper was being wasted.  These days, our students take tests on computers, which are then graded, and the results delivered, without printing a single page. Not only are we saving literally tens-of-thousands of pieces of paper each year, we have also streamlined the testing process, making life easier for everyone.

We celebrate Earth Day to remind us that we have a direct impact on our environment. Good or bad, how we act makes a difference. We will continue to find ways to be green on campus, and encourage our students to be thoughtful, informed global citizens.

Photos of the Earth Day T-Shirt competition are available on the Zoni facebook and Instagram pages.

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