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Zoni’s Academic Pathway Program - Helping students into higher education

Published Korinne Algie on Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Zoni Academic Pathways - students at university

Zoni Language Centers has been helping students to reach English proficiency since 1991. During that time, we realized that a large number of our students were interested in higher education and pursuing certificates, diplomas or degree programs at American colleges or universities. We also found that, for many international students, getting the right information and applying to colleges are extremely challenging. As a result, we developed our Academic Pathways program. This program provides assistance to Zoni students wanting to go onto higher education in the U.S. We help them choose the right school, prepare their application and guide them through the documents required when they submit their applications. 

In the past two years, our Academic Pathways program has ensured many Zoni students have been accepted into universities and colleges all over the United States, from California to Kansas to Florida, New York and New Jersey including state universities and well-known institutions. 

Students interested in Academic Pathways can make an appointment with the Zoni University Placement Advisor. Our advisor then conducts an interview with the student to understand what major they hope to study, their budget and any other aspects to be considered. For example, perhaps the student is interested in a scholarship to help fund their study in the U.S.  Through this interview our advisor gains a detailed picture of the student’s needs and goals. Then the advisor provides the student with personalized counselling and guides the students step-by-step throughout the entire pre-application and application process. This service is provided absolutely FREE of charge for Zoni students. 

Another important aspect of this service is that it is 100% student focussed. Zoni does not have any special partnership agreements or arrangements with universities. This means that Zoni only considers the student’s goals, interests and budget when matching them with potential schools. In the end it is the student who decides where to apply - we are there to guide and support them, whichever institution they choose. 

Learn more about the Zoni Academic Pathway Program here or to become a Zoni agent, contact us at

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