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Wimbledon School of English: Why is the IELTS exam so popular?

Published Lynne on Wednesday, May 4, 2022 12:00 AM

Wimbledon School of English: Why is the IELTS exam so popular?

The answer is simple: IELTS is a widely recognized exam to determine your English level. The IELTS test report is a powerful document proving your language skills. It is accepted by thousands of universities, companies, and even government agencies worldwide.

If you wish to be ready for the IELTS Academic test, our IELTS Preparation Course is the perfect course for you.

This full-time course has 20 hours of English lessons per week. During your time at school, you could experience the English-speaking academic and professional environment. You may even have the chance to visit a university campus in London.

Plus, many of our teachers are IELTS examiners who know what to expect in the test and are happy to advise them of the best academic IELTs preparation methods.

Apart from teaching IELTS, WSE also has a certified IELTS exam centre nearby → The London Exam Centre. At the end of the course, you could take a test right away if you want to.

📅 Start dates:

From 30 May to 27 June (End date: 22 July)

From 01 August to 12 September (End date: 07 October)

From 10 October to 21 November (End date: 16 December)

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