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Who are Intrinsiq?

Published on Thursday, November 9, 2017

Could you explain to our readers who Intrinsiq is, and something about your product / products?


Intrinsiq is an international team of experts in the international education sector; we work with schools, universities, and guardianships and other related providers. We have a distributed team in the UK and Australia. Unlike other software vendors or developers, we do not simply provide an off the shelf management system. Our platform is a cloud based technology and using our powerful application we build bespoke solutions for clients. This typically involves working with clients and their existing systems to add functionality, right through to complete, integrated systems. Examples usually include school management, integrated web form data capture, CRM, SMS texting, mobile device integration, and accounts integration. Where systems are in place we can act as a cloud based "glue" to get systems to talk to each other and share data.




How long have you been established for? 


19 years 




Who are your clients – schools / agents / service providers?


Schools, universities, guardianship providers amongst others



How can they benefit from using your services?


The benefits:

 - cloud based and available anywhere 

 - mobile devices supported

 - multi site integration

 - customised to the client needs - works with client workflow.

 - integrates with existing payment and accounts systems such as Xero and Flywire, Nexpay

 - involves client stakeholders in the development process

 - fast, flexible development times

 - no IT infrastructure required -lowers IT costs

 - global reach and experience internationally

 - scaleable for clients that want to grow



Why should our members use your services?


 - 19 years experience in the industry

 - in depth knowledge of the sector 

 - international clients so we know the global market and can advise as to best practice and implement solutions based on this experience

-  we have a diverse client base - small family schools to large university groups.

 - global team that knows your market



If you are interested in an introduction to one of the representatives at Intrinsiq, do not hesitate to let us know and we'll be happy to make the introduction.

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