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Intrinsiq Support: Who exactly are Intrinsiq? And how can we help take your school to the next level?

Published Bernice on Wednesday, October 20, 2021 12:00 AM

Who are Intrinsiq?

For those who don’t really know us, Intrinsiq is a school management solution system which has been specifically designed on the cloud over 10 years ago and which specifically caters for education providers within the field of international education. In other words, we are the solution to all your school management issues.

Why do we recommend Intrinsiq?

Here are all the ways in which Intrinsiq can help you:

  • The system has no user limit or student limit;
  • Each staff member has their own unique log in, so they can only access sections that pertain to them and all changes can be traced back to the user;
  • The system allows for Accommodation Allocation Automatic Matching (via data in student record and host family record);
  • The Intrinsiq system is bespoke and works around YOUR needs and functions;
  • The system has a one-page Class Allocation and Class Setup;
  • The system has automatic attendance tracking on any device, and this is updated in Real Time;
  • The system has a diary system with all details of a student’s timeline at the school (can be assigned to staff members);
  • The system produces Custom Reports at the click of a button;
  • The system can be integrated with the accounts system to avoid having to enter payments on two individual systems;
  • Emails and SMS can be sent straight from the system based on which mode of communication the student / parent / guardian / agent prefers;
  • The system enables Student Portals, Teacher Portals and Host Family Portals which include all the data that each department requires (hence avoiding multiple people dropping by the main office for schedules, info, etc.)
  • The system has Dashboards for the main departments where one can view the urgent matters that pop up as soon as they log in.

What if you need something that is not mentioned over here?

If you need something specific, do not worry at all. Drop us a line on to set up an appointment with our team. Whatever it is, we can certainly help you.


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