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Website Monday: What Should your Member Articles/Content be about?

Published Lynne on Monday, June 27, 2022 12:00 AM

Website Monday: What Should your Member Articles be about?

Those who have met us or spoken to us online, know that we always emphasise the importance of using your Member Articles as often as possible. Consistency is key, we always tell you! And, when is consistency ever not the key? 

The Member articles that come with the Premium and Platinum memberships are a tool that can truly help you get in front of agents and get your message across to them. We know that many schools work hard on creating marketing campaigns that are more targeted toward direct clients. However, just like this kind of consistency, gets you a good amount of direct bookings, we also know that many of you also want to better their relationships with agents. So, why not have a good amount of consistency in creating marketing campaigns directed to agents, too? Lack of time, people, ideas, or creativity; all of these are generally the reasons why there are only so many content/marketing campaigns you can create. We understand that, and this is why the content we ask you for i.e. Member Articles, doesn't have to be long, complex or done from scratch.

We have included some questions below that can help you get started in the ideas department for content creation. These are questions that agents want to hear about, topics that you would already have information on and queries that will highlight why your school stands out. You can simply answer any one of these questions, include a link to your website or a good YouTube video related to the topic and send us an image that brings out the best of your school. There you have it! A piece of content that you can send to us and it will get published on our website, shared on our social media channels, shared in international education groups on social media and published in our upcoming online newsletter. This takes 10 minutes of your time and it can help you reach hundreds of international agents. 

As always, we are here to help and give you ideas on how to use the membership better. So feel free to send us an email on and we can help you get more online visibility amongst agents!

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