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Website Mondays: Meet our Main Partners

Published Lynne on Monday, October 24, 2022 7:30 AM

Website Mondays - Meet our Partners | International Education News

The Schools & Agents website is aimed at facilitating ways for its members, partners, sponsors and associates to promote themselves within the international education industry, making it the ideal platform to launch or showcase any product or service within our industry. Today we are going to focus on our main partners that are featured on our four side banners, these companies are huge pillars within the international education industry. If you haven’t heard of them yet, now is your chance, let’s meet them. is a staple within the international education industry, mostly known for providing international insurance options to international students. On the Schools & Agents platform they choose to mainly promote their guard.meCARES brand, which stands for Compassionate Awareness Response for Educators and Students. This is's mental and physical wellness platform encompassing all their risk mitigation programs, tools and resources that go well beyond health insurance. What does guard.meCARES offer to schools? Here are some of the benefits...

- Reduces the administrative burden placed on schools.

- Provides access to improved student support programs and/or facilities.

- Early crisis intervention.

- Fewer student inquiries and seamless student technology experience.

- Connects students with Canadian doctors via phone or laptop anytime, anywhere.

- Innovative programs that support mental wellness.

- Learning opportunities and training for staff and educators.

- Keeps students healthy, happy and learning , resulting in better retention.

- Expert assistance during times of crisis.


Our main partners, when it comes to School Management systems are Intrinsiq. Intrinsiq is not your run of the mill off the shelf product, in fact they pride themselves in producing custom made systems that cater to their clients’ exact needs. You can follow our News Articles section for weekly updates from Intrinsiq on various aspects regarding their services. One of the main aspects about this service provider is that they are cloud-based and that the software was specifically designed with the international education industry in mind. The always advancing software pushes automation to free up time wasted on menial tasks, that can be refocused on more important matters.It was built by people in international education, for people in international education.


IALC are one of our newest main partners that we have been pleased to welcome on board earlier on this year. IALC are using our platform to promote their schools and initiatives, IALC is also well-known in our industry for the fantastic networking events that they organize apart from the usual format of face-to-face meetings between schools, agents and service providers within the field of international education. Needless to say, we are more than looking forward to their next event in Dublin, in April 2023.

Here's what some of those who attended IALC Workshops in the past have said about it:

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