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Website Mondays: Member Articles

Published Lynne on Monday, November 7, 2022 8:00 AM

Website Mondays: Member Articles

Schools & Agents is all-in for content, in marketing  we believe that content can get you places, especially in today’s digital world we need to come up with frequent and relevant content for our target audience. While many schools do create a lot of business to customer content, targeting students and parents they still struggle when it comes to business to business content. That’s where Schools & Agents comes in and in today's article we are going to turn the spotlight onto our Member articles and we will highlight the four main reasons as to why these are ideal for those schools who are trying to reach new agents.

Weekly or Monthly Article Options

Schools can choose between different membership options depending on their budget, each option will then entitle schools to either monthly or weekly articles, depending on the level chosen. The more content you send the bigger the chances of attracting more agents that you are targeting, when sending frequent content you ensure that you are featured more frequently on our website and social media

Article Topics

Article topics may vary, from events, to new services and courses as well as anything of interest that is going on at your school. Always keep in mind though that if you are targeting agents the topics need to reflect what is interesting to them.

Only Premium and Platinum Members can send us articles

As mentioned above the frequency of articles sent depends on the membership chosen. Out of our three membership options only two of them entitle you to send articles for us to publish and share. If you are unsure what your membership entitles you to please do reach out to us and we can check for you. Keep in mind that your membership is not set in stone and if you wish to upgrade in order to send us articles or to send more frequently it is possible. 

Articles help you to rank higher on Search Engines

Articles are not only good to catch the attention of agents across our platform and social media, but they also help with SEO - Search Engine Optimisation. What is SEO? In very simple terms, SEO is that process by which your website ranks higher on different search engines. Obviously, the process is a very complex one, however, content is one of the ways in which you can start to see a big difference in your ranking fast. You can do so by including relevant keywords within your article as well as backlinks, on top of that, when we share your articles on our social media channels, we will also tag your school. Giving agents who are present on social media the possibility to connect with you directly from our posts and the articles published on our platforms. The more content you share across a multitude of platforms the more successful your marketing strategy is, and this is because these articles will result in solid leads, solid contacts, solid business....and most importantly, real students at your schools!

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