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Website Monday: Connecting with Service Providers

Published Lynne on Monday, September 19, 2022 7:30 AM

Website Monday: Connecting with Service Providers

Today’s article is dedicated to our wonderful partners and service providers, those businesses in the international education industry that are neither Schools nor Agents. You can find out more about these businesses in the following ways:

Find them in our Service Provider Section

We have a special tab in our menu that links you to a page where CRM Providers, Insurance Providers, Consultants, Web Developers, and other organisations. All of these can offer their services to our member schools and agents and can register their profiles in order to promote their services. Each profile includes a bio, contact information and links to the provider’s website and social media platforms.

Clickable Logos and Banners

On our homepage you can find some of our partner logos right at the bottom of the page, each logo is clickable which means you can go directly from our website to theirs. Moreover, across all pages of our website we have banners on the left and right that are also clickable and take you directly to the providers website. Our partners who choose to opt for the logo space or the banner (for more visibility) are added to our Service Provider section on Schools & Agents.

Read about our Partners in our monthly Industry Newsletter

As part of the School & Agents marketing campaigns, we send out two newsletters every month, one of which is entirely dedicated to news for the international education industry. The newsletter covers news from our partners and service providers and includes their clickable logos and banners as well.

View our Live Broadcasts

Periodically we have live chats with our partners and service providers on Facebook. This gives our followers the opportunity to join us and ask questions or share comments in real time. This interactive approach gives our followers insight on the human side of the companies and the people who make the magic happen. Follow our socials to know more on when our next Live Broadcast is happening. 

To our Partners and Service Providers, are you ready to come live with us? Drop us a line to schedule this at your convenience!


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