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Wimbledon School of English limit student screen time at Junior Summer Centre

Published on Saturday, February 22, 2020

WSE London Screen Time

The Wimbledon School of English Junior Summer Centre has developed a new policy on mobile phone use.

Starting in Summer 2020, students will have limited access to their phones during the day. Adam Mathews, WSE’s Junior Summer Centre Manager, says: “We believe limiting screen time will improve the students’ wellbeing and contribute to the overall enjoyment of their course”.

He continues: “We encourage as much interaction as possible between students, using English whenever possible…The policy is designed to give students a break from social media and to encourage them to interact with each other and enjoy the gorgeous surroundings and excellent facilities at Lord Wandsworth College. It will help students concentrate better in class and make new international friends during break times and meal times.”

Students won’t miss out on photo opportunities – there will be a designated member of staff at the centre to capture the memories throughout the programme.


Wimbledon School of English Junior Summer Centre runs from 5th July till 8th August 2020 and is for students aged 10 – 17.

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