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Transformative benefits of vocational education - Avanza Training Academy Malta

Published Bernice on Thursday, June 10, 2021 12:00 AM

The Transformative benefits of vocational education at Avanza Training Academy Malta

When attempting to conceptualise education, we typically recall the “one-size-fits-all” traditional ideology of schooling. One that was rooted in instructional learning, where the academic demands of writing essays, revising for examinations and standardised testing dominated our formative and impressionable years. Alternatively, for the past thirty years contemporary education has centred on a hands-on approach to learning, thus, vocational courses remain in vogue for the foreseeable future.

Vocational training is different, flexible and dynamic in its approach. The practicality, applicability and acquisition of tangible skills remain predominant hallmarks of all vocational courses on offer at Avanza Training Academy in Malta. An Avanza student is provided with the opportunity to learn and harness professionalism, thus, gaining the most from a well-rounded learning experience. 

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow old”   - Anthony J. D’Angelo

The vocational programmes on offer at Avanza are structured around full-time employment hours. Class contact time is scheduled during early evenings, which permits students to be employed full-time and to complete their required work-based learning placements hours. Therefore, vocational learning focuses on specific skills, such as communicating effectively with sports team members in a local sports club. This experiential learning experience lends itself towards vocational training. An approach that is far more conducive than an academic theory-driven course structure.

Avanza has design its courses based on the skills and expectations from related professional fields. Unlike other academic courses, Avanza’s portfolio of courses is centred on specialised occupational skills future employers are searching for. Meaning that the subject remains the same throughout the course. Furthermore, at Avanza, students will be able to network and establish connections with others in a more focused relational manner. Seminars and workshops allow students to build important rapport with teaching staff and peers, forging small learning communities and quality learning experiences. Hands-on projects and effective socialising with others also forms an integral part of this shared experience.

Avanza Training Academy in Malta presents its portfolio of internationally recognised and accredited suite of Awards and Diplomas within three disciplinary divisions; Education, Sports and Entrepreneurship. A portfolio of courses all designed to fit in and around the life of mature inter/national student. Students who choose to advance their career with Avanza Training Academy are guaranteed a holistic learning experience, one that is centred on vocation. 


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