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Villars Palace Academy: This is what we teach our Students

Published Lynne on Wednesday, June 1, 2022 12:00 AM

Villars Palace Academy: This is what we teach our Students

Villars Palace Academy is delivering a full personalised and experiential blended learning programme that allows students to successfully:

- Develop the knowledge, abilities and mindset needed to start a career at a mid-leader position in the Hospitality industry.

- Obtain a Hotel Administration professional diploma (certified VET by EHL), that includes more than 2’000 hours of practical experience.

- Develop knowledge of professional French and receive a Diploma of Professional French for Tourism, Hospitality & Catering (B1 level minimum) from the Chamber of Commerce of Paris.

- Experience adventures of a lifetime through 5 weeks of expeditions in the mountains, on the ocean and in Tanzania to develop further life skills such as confidence, independence, open-mindedness, persistence, or decision-making.

- Acquire work experience through 4 levels of Internship (42 weeks in total) in 3 different hotels and 7 different restaurants on the Villars Alpine Resort.

- Cultivate future soft skills needed in the employment world of tomorrow such as innovation, creativity, critical thinking or problem solving through sustainable & philanthropic project work.

- Receive certifications from renowned partners, testifying they have followed interpersonal courses and that they master the future skills of tomorrow via professional development workshops such as:

o Practical Resilience
o Mindfulness leadership
o Ecology & Sustainability awareness
o Future of food – Plant-based cooking & Entomophagy
o Permaculture & Apiculture knowledge
o Creative Intelligence
o Teamspirit & Self-confidence
o Entrepreneurship: creating a successful, sustainable business

o Intercultural communication & competences
o Management of people& projects
o Cultural Intelligence & customer service skills
o Fundamentals of Leadership
o Green Marketing & Digital branding
o Developing a Global mindset to lead Global talents

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