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Marketing Mondays: Using the New and Improved S&A Directory

Published Bernice on Monday, February 20, 2023 7:00 AM

How to use the New and Improved Directory Page

The Schools & Agents Directory Page is one of the most visited pages of our website...and rightly so. It is the place where schools and agents get to find one another, check out each other's profiles and find all the necessary information to get in touch with one another. When it comes to using the Schools & Agents Directory page, there are some important things to keep in mind, which we will be discussing over the next weeks. Today we will begin with the first four tips.

1. Choose whether you want to search for Schools or for Agents

Once you get to the Directory page, you need to go to the right hand side of the page where you will find the box with all the filter options. The first bar is a drop down menu which will ask you to choose whether you want to perform a search for schools or for agents. At this point it is important to highlight the fact that all the school profiles are visible to all users, however, you need a membership and a log in to access our full list of agents.

2. Schools are divided into 3 sections

Our Schools section is divided into three and these tiers determine what kind of membership the school would have opted for. At the top of the list you will find our Platinum members in Dark Blue. These members are listed at the top because their membership entitles them to this privilege, apart from the fact that they can also send us content on a weekly basis. In the mid section we find our Premium Members in a lighter shade of blue. These members would have gone for the mid range membership option which entitles them to be listed in the middle section of our directory and to also send us content to publish on a monthly basis. Finally we have our Light members who would have opted for our cheapest membership option and who are listed in the bottom section of the directory. The light membership only entitles members to a directory listing, and if they have any content that they wish to share with us, they will have to pay extra for that.

3. Number of Schools and Agents found

Once you fill out all the filter options (we will discuss more filter options in detail next week), and you hit the 'Enter' button, you will find a number of schools and agents found at the bottom, underneath the filter options box. Even if you are only searching for schools, for example, you will still know how many agents there are from a particular country or city depending on what you would have searched for. However, as previously explained, this list of agents can only be accessed if the school has a log in and is a member.

4. Click on the arrow to expand the profile

The final tip of today is related to how to expand the profiles of those schools or agents that you have searched for. This is fairly easy to do. On the left hand side next to the name of the school or the agency you have a small arrow. Clicking on this arrow will expand that profile and give you all the information that you need. This information includes a description, the logo as well as all the contact info of the school or the agent.

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