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A Master Degree from a French University - Check this out!

Published Bernice on Thursday, March 26, 2020

A Master Degree from a French University

Today’s focus is on the University of Rennes1, which is the awarding body of the MA. in FinTech programme that we have now been talking to you about for the past number of weeks. Many agents have been enquiring about this programme and one of the questions they’ve asked us is about the university itself where this Master Programme is offered.

The University

The University of Rennes1 is a public university which is situated in Rennes, the administrative capital of the northwestern French region of Brittany. The university has 10 faculties, two management schools, two engineering schools, four institutes of technology and a scientific observatory.


The University of Rennes1 was founded back in 1970, when it had split from the University of Rennes 2 – in Upper Brittany. However, we can trace  its lineage back to a University of Brittany that had opened in the neighbouring city of Nantes back in 1460. At the time it had eventually moved many of its departments to Rennes during the 18th century before all universities had to shut down as a result of the French revolution.


The University of Rennes1 in France is ranked among the Top20 French Universities in the country. In fact, it occupies the 14th position and has a student population of around 29,000 pupils including 3,200 foreigners. 

Courses and Research Fields

The majority of the courses at the University of Rennes1 are in French, however, there are also 10 master’s degrees which are taught in English. One of these is the MA in FinTech which will be launched in 2020 for the very first time. The university has four main fields of research namely, mathematics and ICT; life and health sciences; material sciences; as well as humanities and social sciences.


Rennes is a vibrant city and a world-class technological hotspot in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Located in Brittany, the western part of France, the city is a major education and high-tech R&D centre of global renown, where media, telecommunications and information technologies converge. As matter of fact, Rennes has shown many critical breakthroughs in ICT, for example, ATM, MP3, JPEG, OFDM, Turbo codes, and MPEG4. In Rennes our students will definitely become qualified digital innovators and will have the opportunity to join an extraordinary ecosystem of entrepreneurs, companies, students and alumni across the world.

The French magazine “L’Express” has recently named Rennes the Best city in France to live in, just after Paris.

Get in touch with the Coordinator of the MA FinTech Programme

If any of our agents are interested in receiving more information about this interesting course, we encourage you to contact Prof. Pina Stranger on  or you can get in touch with us, and we will in turn, put you in touch with the team in Rennes.

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