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The first application of the UP International English Camp program successfully completed in Türkiye

Published Bernice on Wednesday, October 19, 2022 12:00 PM

The first application of the UP International English Camp program has been successfully completed in Türkiye.

The first application of the UP International English Camp program has been successfully completed in Türkiye. 

The UP English Camp was organized in Türkiye for the first time this year, being a strong alternative among the summer camps in the international education sector, and was completed successfully with high student satisfaction.

Türkiye's geographical location ensures there are many direct flights to and from many countries. In addition to the reasonable prices and high quality standards when compared to other countries and programs, UP English Camp was hosted with highly qualified and fully certified international instructors and featured a practice-oriented curriculum, delivered in a day-long education concept. The Camp ended with a high rate of satisfaction among the students, but also their parents, who appreciated not only the financial aspects, but also the education and personal development.

The preliminary preparations made before the camp as part of the education process led to the development of an interactive education curriculum. Mrs Fedetova a member the academic staff of the University of İstinye and the academic director of the camp, was involved in the development of the curriculum. In addition to a written test aimed at determining the levels of the participants, speaking tests were conducted before the camp and the students were assigned to appropriate classes. At the end of the camp, speaking tests were conducted and the progress made by the students was evaluated by their instructors. In addition to general English education, provided during 20 lessons per week, the students participated in speaking classes, giving them the opportunity to improve their speaking skills, benefitting from being in an international multicultural environment during daytime activity programs.

During these activity programs, workshops were hosted focused on improving the different skills of students. As part the program, which had recycling as its main focus, the students were introduced to the concepts of upcycle – downcycle along with environmental awareness, the correct consumption of water and the recycling of plastic, taking advantage of being in nature. In addition to increasing the practical gains of the students through different workshops as part of the activity programs, relevant and attractive learning aimed at strengthening intra-group dialogue took place throughout the program. The students learned about and experienced technologies, including training in the operation of mini-drones and robotic coding, and had fun during dance workshops aimed at increasing their energy and motivation. In addition to the visits to different places, including aquapark, extreme park and a space museum, as part of the external activity/tour programs, city tours brought color to the program and made it more enjoyable.

Students from Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Poland, Georgia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Türkiye participated in the camp program, which included 20 language lessons per week, speaking clubs and an activity program focused on enhancing language skills, while the trips and workshops brought color to the proceedings. At the end of the program, our agents and the students from abroad returned to their countries after spending a pleasant time in Istanbul, and taking away good memories of Türkiye.

Up English Camp wishes its students success in their social and academic lives. We hope to strengthen our partnership network for the next semester’s programs and to be a part of the personal and English language development process of students from all over the world.

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