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UCT English Language Centre: New Programme launched

Published Lynne on Friday, April 9, 2021 12:00 AM

UCT Language Excursions

General English plus Language Excursions:

Our new Language Excursion programme, introduced in January 2021, is a collaboration between the UCT English Language Centre and Kurus English. Kurus English developed this language, culture and discovery programme in 2008 and it has been a success ever since. We are now excited to offer this experiential learning programme at ELC and we already welcomed the first students in January.


Language Excursions are far more than tourist excursions: Due to our unique network, three times a week students are immersed in the diverse cultures of Cape Town, providing opportunities to speak with the fascinating people of the city, with our teacher at the students side to support and guide. Themes change daily, with the content of the excursion defining the language learning theme while providing engaging personal encounters. With ELC our students will experience Cape Town in a unique way: up close and definitely personal!


On this programme students improve their English language skills through the unique experience of the excursion and a balanced combination of language theory and practice. Situation-oriented learning and teaching are always complemented and enhanced by the students’ own journey of personal discovery.


Intercultural Competence describes the cultural learning and experience that students will gain on the Language Excursions programme, preparing them to become international communicators; open-minded in their dealings with people of different origins and experiences, and well-equipped for the communicative challenges of a globalised world.


You can find out more about our participants and hosts by watching their videos or reading a short profile below:

John Bauer

John Bauer is a multi-skilled Cape Town based artist, best known for his work with ceramics and pottery. His distinctive styles and techniques are inspired by science and nature. John shares his magnetic personality as well as his unique and inspiring art with us at his studio in the Montebello design centre, nestled between the trees in Newlands forest.

Sheila Tempi

Sheila Tempi, or “Ma Sheila” as she is affectionately known, is a terrific cook from Gugulethu. This motherly host opens her home and heart to share her culture and its culinary traditions. Through this she encourages cultural integration and understanding. Her food fills the stomach and the soul, making it difficult to leave.

Alfred Magwaca

Alfred Magwaca is a local Langa resident, curator of the Langa Pass Office museum, and a storyteller that will enthrall you with his knowledge and charisma. He takes visitors back in time on an emotional journey through the sadness, defiance and triumph of the Apartheid struggle.

Mzukisi Mbene

Mzukisi Mbene was born and raised in the townships, and it is something he celebrates; the people, the music and the culture. He has risen from humble beginnings sitting at his mother’s sewing machine to owning a successful fashion label. His label, Imprint, celebrates the glamour and stories of African ancestry, using iconic print, fabrics and specific points in time to create unique fashion forward and wearable clothing and accessories.

Naiema Fakier

Naiema Fakier is a lifelong Bo-Kaap resident, mother of five, and a gifted cook. She shares the rich traditions and aromatic food of the Cape Malay people in her Bo-Kaap kitchen tucked between other brightly painted houses on quaint cobbled streets. She shares her knowledge of the culture and religious traditions of BoKaap, that have played a major role in shaping the history and diversity of Cape Town.

Unathi Dyanthi

Heading up Tyisa Nabanye, a non-profit farming organisation, is our host Unathi Dyanti. He is a food security activist who is fighting for change on the slopes of Signal Hill between Tamboerskloof and the Bo-Kaap, on an old military battery. Tyisa Nabanye aims to create a space in the city where everyone is welcome to explore the possibilities of growing food in an urban environment. The space includes an organic vegetable garden, an indigenous nursery, a weekly market and workshops and events.

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