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Trine University's Top Tier Sports Programmes

Published Bernice on Wednesday, July 19, 2023 2:00 PM

Trine University's Top Tier Sports Programmes

With its vibrant campus based in Angola, Indiana, Trine University is steeped in a rich heritage and tradition. Not only is the university well-known for its academic notability, but when it comes to fostering a platform for student-athletes to shine, Trine University stands tall as a true powerhouse. Trine students have the chance to become part of a long legacy of athletic excellence, with teams being regularly in the hunt for conference and even national titles.

Trine’s wide range of sports

With an impressive array of sports programs available, Trine University offers opportunities for all students to thrive in various disciplines. Whether it's excelling on the men’s ice hockey team or the women’s triathlon, or even the university’s eSports, there is a place for every passionate athlete at Trine. What’s more, students are in the capable hands of the university’s exceptional coaching staff, who not only provide expert guidance in their respective sports but also serve as mentors, instilling important values such as teamwork, discipline, and resilience.

State-of-the-art facilities

One cannot discuss Trine University's sports programs without mentioning the world-class amenities available to its student-athletes. The university boasts top-notch athletics complexes, including its Fred Zollner Athletic Stadium and Hershey Hall. With a court that seats 4,500, an indoor walking track, two well-equipped gymnasiums, four volleyball courts, racquetball courts, and so much more, the latter is of the best small school athletic facilities in the Midwest. These are only a few of the numerous amenities available at Trine that create the ideal environment for aspiring athletes to hone their skills, improve their performance, and reach their full potential. Trine's commitment to maintaining and upgrading these facilities is a testament to their dedication to providing an exceptional experience for their student-athletes.

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