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Competitive Prices for Undergrad Students at Trine University

Published Bernice on Wednesday, April 5, 2023 2:00 PM

Competitive Prices for Undergrad Students at Trine University

Undergraduate fees for international students at Trine University are among the most competitive in the US higher education sector. Based on full-time enrollment for the academic year 2022-2023, prices start as low as $48,580 for non-engineering majors, $48,920 for science majors and $52,040 for engineering majors, with payment plans available to make fees even more manageable. What’s more, international scholarships based on academic merit are offered to eligible undergrads.

Trine University’s fees do not only cover tuition – student health insurance, parking, wellness programmes, as well as campus housing are all included. Over the past decade alone, over $176 million has been invested in renovations and new facilities across campus, including student accommodation. With more than ten housing options to choose from, including the newly built Golf Course Apartments and townhouse-style villas of Campus Village, Trine’s campus housing facilities offer a bit of luxury. Each apartment has wonderful views, comfortable student lounges equipped with fireplaces, and laundry facilities in each individual apartment complex. Here, students are in the midst of campus activities and have the opportunity to make new friends and learn key skills for their personal and professional relationships in college and beyond.

Included in their fees, new international students are given a mandatory orientation program, where they learn important information for their stay at Trine. This is the perfect opportunity to meet staff and students, find out more about the university and the U.S. education system, register for courses and prepare logistics, such as getting a student ID and email account and setting up a bank account. Trine’s Office of International Services (OIS) is always there to offer support with making the transition to college life in a new country, with the ultimate goal being to make the process as smooth as possible.

Here’s a nice new video from one of our amazing undergrads from Nigeria:

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