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Trine University Offering Graduate Degrees to International Students

Published Bernice on Wednesday, May 10, 2023 6:58 AM

 Trine University Offering Graduate Degrees to International Students

With enrollment increasing threefold since 2000, more international students are joining Trine University's programmes than ever before. Trine is currently offering four graduate degrees for international students in hybrid format, three of which are Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) subjects, all with an accelerated one-year programme option.

Current International Graduate Courses Available

Master of Business Administration

In the Master of Business Administration (MBA) course at Trine University, students focus on developing their skills and marketability in the world of business and finance. This programme is designed for those who wish to gain excellent networking opportunities and bring Western finance knowledge to growing markets. It teaches the critical decision-making skills used by managers in negotiations, finance, communications, marketing, corporate strategy, and ethics.

Master of Science in Business Analytics

One of Trine’s STEM subjects, a Master of Science in Business Analytics from Trine University prepares graduates for making strategic decisions in business activities, analysing business data, and providing solutions to real-world problems. With Trine University’s strong strategic connection to various corporations in both the manufacturing and service industries, graduates will gain the knowledge and skill to help organisations with long-term strategic decisions, as well as day-to-day business activities.

Master of Science in Engineering Management

Another of Trine’s STEM subjects, this course is for established engineers looking to advance their career into a management role. The Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM) programme offers intensive training in corporate culture, leadership, finance, operations strategy and marketing, as well as business ethics, public speaking, and decision-making. This degree is geared towards technical professionals who want to achieve that competitive edge.

Master of Science in Information Studies

The Master of Science in Information Studies (MSIS) is designed for technology-savvy specialists ready to move to the next level in their career. Using the latest tools and techniques, it provides students with the opportunity to develop technological leadership in the analysis, design, development, maintenance and operation of information systems. Graduates will enhance their business competitiveness and management skills and be able to work more effectively towards organisational goals.

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