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Travel Education Degrees

Published on Thursday, March 23, 2017

If you search the Internet, you will find hundreds of schools that teach you how to become a travel agent and work in the travel industry, in various specific areas. But please note that these standard courses are rather rigid and offer you very little choice within the subject area that you selected. Also, you will find very few schools or universities, that offer you degree courses in travel, particularly beyond Bachelor, namely Master and Doctorate.


The glaring exception is Oxbridge University of Kilmurry (OUK).


If you wish to study for a degree in general tourism, conference planning and management, hospitality management, adventure travel, business travel, luxury cruising etc. - OUK is your destination.


OUK runs distinguished internationally recognised training courses, with freedom for you to choose your speciality, and there is no limit to your choice.


OUK is distinctly different and unique compared to other schools and universities because its clients have a great degree of freedom to select their subjects of speciality, and accordingly OUK creates bespoke degree courses to match their individual clients' requirements.


You can specialise in any area of travel, for example, travel agency management, accounting, information technology, sales and marketing, market research, bookings, individual travel, group travel, adventure tourism, leisure cruising, travel planning and counselling, health and safety, insurance, contract negotiation and management, and so on and so forth.


There is hardly a limit to your choice.


OUK has no physical campus and you can study for your degree online from anywhere in the world and speak to your personal tutor by Skype as deemed necessary.


So, if you are a travel education agent, how can you go about promoting and selling the truly distinguished travel degree courses of OUK?


The answer is very simple, just follow the following steps:

  1. Contact OUK at the address below and express your interest to work together.
  2. Tell OUK in which segment of the travel market you specialise (business travel, general tourism, adventure tourism, leisure cruising etc.).
  3. Tell OUK what you wish to gain from this relationship and the commission you wish to charge for successful introduction of new clients to OUK.
  4. OUK would respond with a draft agreement to match your specific market segments.
  5. After some negotiation, and assuming the two parties agree to work together, mutual links and promotion text should be placed on both parties' web pages and selling starts.


You can contact OUK as follows:

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