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A Unique Australian Experience at Thrive English Australia

Published EDU-WorldWide on Monday, July 30, 2018

Education Marketing and student recruitment can sometimes prove to be tricky, however, it is all a question of how important one makes their guests feel, right from the very first moments of when they land on the business web page.

Thrive English Australia takes international student recruitment marketing very seriously and ensures that whether they are recruiting college students, high school students, university students, those who are not students or even people who are already way ahead in their career, the service that they give is always 5-star.

What makes Thrive English Australia unique is that no other company in Australia offers a Homestay experience with the Teacher as the Host. This is an aspect that is also appreciated by international education agents and students alike.

Another positive aspect is that all teachers listed on the Thrive English website have a minimum of 15+ years’ experience teaching, and this is also something that both education agents as well as international students welcome.

When marketing to international students transparency is important, and Thrive English Australia also makes sure that guests can read the Teacher profiles and choose who they would like to Homestay with. There is no matching involved, it is 'Guest Choice'.

Thrive English offers various types of tuition. In fact, guests can choose from English, Art or Cooking lessons depending upon the teacher they choose. Each Teacher Host creates individualised lessons specific for their guest. There are 4 Homestay options for international students to choose from, including self-catering, breakfast and dinner only through to 3 meals a day.

Many Teacher Hosts are also open to hosting families, parent and child combinations, or travelling companions as well as singles and mature travellers.

So as you can see, there is truly something for everyone at Thrive English Australia! The education market is quite vast and there is a lot of choice out there so one always has to be sure to choose, not only the best, but the best option for him or her.

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