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Meeting Thomas Roth from Bildungsurlaub Approval

Published EDU-WorldWide on Wednesday, May 30, 2018

In today's interview we shall be talking to Thomas Roth from Bildungsurlaub Approval.

How long have you been in the education travel industry and how did you first start?

I started my first language travel agency in 2001, inspired from my own language travels and the difficulties in finding language schools approved for Bildungsurlaub I came up with the idea to have an online agency with all the information available for clients. From my inspiration to have a paper less office I had to move to the standard procedure as the market was not ready for it by then. We even published catalogues for our special program Family language travel, which was at that time something rather unusual.

After the agency got too big to manage it myself, I sold the company to a swiss operator and worked for them a couple of years in the marketing department. In 2013 I started my own company again an das I gained a lot of experience with Bildungsurlaub and knew of the struggle some school are facing with the recognitions, I started Bildungsurlaub Approval.

Can you tell us something about the Bildingsurlaub accreditation?

Bildungsurlaub program means educational leave and employees in 14 out of the 16 german states have the right to participate in this program.

Clients get up to two weeks paid vacation from their employer to take part in a recognised course. The client need to pay all expenses themselves but get their salary for that time.

The course should be at least 30 lessons, for some states 30 full hours. The recognition is for a particular course and the recognitions is expiring after a specific length. The regulations very much vary from one state to another. Language schools can find brief information about the requirements in English on our webpage

How do schools benefit by collaborating with you?

In order to receive german clients for Bildungsurlaub the school needs to be recognised at the german ministries. 
As education is regulated by the counties, different requirements apply and schools need to get recognised for almost every state, if they want to receive clients from that particular area. There are states whoch are more popular than others and some ministries charge a fee to get recognised.

Once the school is recognised they can receive clients for the Bildungsurlaub program.

We list the schools on our webpage and potential clients will be able to find all the information of which schools are recognised in which state on our page. We are also supporting agents with enquiries about Bildungsurlaub. 

As I worked as an agent I know how important fast and accurate information is. Clients are no longer prepared to wait to receive. the info and the documents they need. So we always update our technology to have the best service to our partner schools.

What should they do if they are interested?

Schools interested in becoming recognised for Bildungsurlaub can contact us to receive a quotation. They should be able to offer an intensive language course of at least 30 lessons. 

We‘ll send them a list of the documents and certificates we need in order to apply for their recognitions.


Are there any fees involved, and how does it work?

We are charging language schools for our service to get recognised. The fee depends on the amount of courses, destinations of a school and states the school wants to be recognised in. They get the full service and do not need to worry about anything with Bildungsurlaub. We also have a marketing package, if they just want to list their school on our webpage and already have the recognitions for Bildungsurlaub.

The fee is for a contract of 2 years and can be renewed after every 2 years.

Language schools need to send us a time table and some documents (varies from state to state) and we‘ll apply on their behalf to get recognised. We handle all communication with the ministries and renew the recognitions during the contract period. We have a lot of new features planned for our webpage to make Bildungsurlaub as simple as possible to all parties.

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