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Camden Town, one of London’s gems!

Published on Thursday, August 1, 2019

Things to do in Camden Town, London

Whenever we think of London the first thing that comes to mind is probably Westminster, Buckingham Palace, Oxford Street, Hyde Park, London Bridge, the London Eye and Big Ben. However, there is another part of inner London which is well-known among locals and foreigners alike….Camden Town! Camden Town is famous for many things such as, live music, colourful markets, international cuisine and beautiful walks! It, therefore, comes as no surprise that it is a well sought-after area among students too!

What can one do in Camden Town?

Live Music

Camden Town is synonymous with street performers and live music ranging from classical, to pop and also jazz. Anyone who simply likes walking around in a colourful city surrounded by the festive atmosphere of music will definitely have a field day in Camden.


Camden Town is great for shopping especially for those who are always on the hunt for the next bargain, or a non-conventional gift, or an over-the-top outfit for that party that they can find nothing to wear for.


Camden Town is famous for street food from around the globe. It is a gastronomical paradise for those who love sampling different dishes and who are not afraid to try something new and adventurous! In any case, if things go wrong, you can always wash it down with a pint of ice cold beer from one of the many bars and pubs in the area.

How to get to Camden Town

Public transportation in London is extremely efficient and Camden Town can be reached very easily by the underground. It is always recommended that students get hold of an Oyster Card upon their arrival in London as this will enable them to travel around the city more efficiently.

Accommodation in Camden Town

Not everyone likes to stay right in the city centre, and for those who wish to experience London like a local, Camden is a good area to consider in terms of where to stay during your visit. It is well-connected by transport and, as we’ve just seen in this article, there are loads of things to do. Londonist Accommodation Agency have beautiful rooms for rent in Camden Town. If you are interested in booking accommodation in Camden we recommend checking out the Londonist Kentish Town rooms here or sending an email directly to the team on

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