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The WEBA Workshop in China

Published on Saturday, June 10, 2017

WEBA World organise various workshops in many different destinations around the world all throughout the year, however, their most famous workshop and the one that is attended by the largest number of educators and agents is the workshop in China. In fact, WEBA organises more than one workshop in China during the year.


With 4 Agents Workshops per year in China, WEBA has reached a stage at which they are now welcoming over 200 agents from China alone to these workshops during the year. This is a good way for educators to meet these agents that come from one of our industry's largest markets more than once a year, thus enabling them to consolidate their relationships and partnerships even further.


Here are some photos from the previous WEBA China Agents' Workshop.


WEBA also holds several Student Fairs in Beijing , HongKong, Shanghai and in smaller cities and it is specifically for this reason that the organisation has decided that it was necessary to have a physical set-up in China. Richard Affolter, President of WEBA has proudly told us this week that he has just opened a new office in China so that him and his team will be better-positioned to plan these events which are becoming more and more popular among educators worldwide.


This office is currently also helping international agents especially from Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, wishing to send their students to China. For this reason, the WEBA Team in China speak English, Russian and also Chinese.


Some of the other services offered by this office include:-


- Welcoming International Universities, Colleges and B-Schools wishing to have they own Branch office in China

- Foreign Universities that wish to do a 3+1 programme with a Chinese University


- International High Schools wishing to partner their high school programme with a Chinese public high school


WEBA also assists Language Schools, Colleges, High schools and University after attending their events and help them to arrange and promote their specfic training programs in directly China at the agent's office in order to train the staff.


Here you can see an agent who attended WEBA China speaking about this event.


And here is a testimonial from an Educator who attended the WEBA China Workshop:


The next WEBA event in China will be held on the 18th and 19th of June. A full list of all WEBA Events Worldwide can be accessed here. Schools & Agents members receive a special discount when attending WEBA Workshops. Contact us for further info.


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