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The Values of New York Military Academy

Published Bernice on Tuesday, February 20, 2018

In the late 19th century when the New York Military Academy was formed, military high schools were a popular career gateway to the service academies and a promising military career. After the Vietnam War, hundreds of military schools began to fall on hard times because some of the pride associated with the military was lost. Today the New York Military Academy is the only military secondary school left in the Northeast. Recently, military schools are receiving renewed attention in part because they have something important to offer beyond a career gateway.


By the 1920’s,  the New York Military Academy was no longer  focusing on educating cadets for a future military career. Most of the students went on to study at a university so the academy refocused on promoting “The 6 C’s”. The 6 C’s are core values that empower students to achieve their goals and the goals of our community. These values are summarized below:


Confidence - empowering students to try hard to succeed

Character - holding cadets to high standards for behavior even in challenging conditions

Craft - forcing ourselves to pay attention to detail and earn the respect of a community

Cooperation - learning to complete tasks using all available resources as a team

Compassion - stepping up to help others in need

Control - aligning behavior with long term goals - first with regard to oneself and then as a team leader


We are a classical education school which believes that great leaders are developed through training: their mind: through academics; their body: through athletics, and their character: through leadership and constant feedback.  


Our academic program is expanding with a new 6th grade and the addition of a Post-graduate program. Our graduates this year are still accumulating admissions to good colleges across the country based in part their SAT scores which are up 200 points above our 5 year average and on top of military schools in the USA. 


Our athletic program is also expanding with a huge push to make a basketball championship team. After one year, we have brought back our gymnasium built originally for the New York Knicks as a practice facility.  Our boys varsity is already ranked #1 in our league and the region.  We hope our currently forming girls basketball team will gain equal success next year and we are recruiting for that purpose.  


Our leadership program is older and perhaps more famous than almost all, but we have begun giving it a new face: including more former West Point Professors and making it into a leadership program for world leaders.

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