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The International Tango Festival is one of the leading Music and Dance Festivals in the cultural life of Granada

Published on Thursday, March 23, 2017

The city of Granada presents a new edition of the Tango Festival from 14th to 19th of March 2017 dedicated to this style of dance, which originally comes from Argentina and is practiced all over the world nowadays.


In recent years there has been a rapid growth of tango enthusiasts and professional dancers, which actually shows that tango is a manifestation of modern urban culture. The festival seeks to fill the whole city with passion and rhythm of tango and contains some fifteen musical and dance shows with over fifty artists, including World Tango champions Hugo Mastrolorenzo and Agustina Vignau. Moreover, there is a chance to participate in parallel activities that go from dance classes and night time parties to street performances and meetings between artists and enthusiasts.


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Escuela Montalbán in Granada offers students the chance to experience the practical skills of tango whilst learning the Spanish language. The school provides the opportunity to complement aSpanish Course with Tango dance classesin collaboration with recognized instructors. There are classes at all levels, starting with beginners to more advanced levels:



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