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The ICEF Berlin Workshop comes to an end!

Published on Friday, March 24, 2017

"All 'our' bags are packed; 'We're ready to go..."


The ICEF Berlin Workshop has come to an end. Yesterday evening we saw the event come to an end at around 630pm, and for those of you who follow us on social media we actually walked with you through the hallways of the Intercontinental Hotel as the very last meetings were ending and as the stands started to be dismantled. 


The evening ended with a fantastic party hosted by GLS at their fantastic school, which we've witnessed develop year after year, and has now turned into one of the most beautiful schools we've ever seen. The GLS party has become synonymous with great food, great music, great dance moves...and the all-together 'go-to' event when at the ICEF Berlin Workshop. This year was certainly no aching feet are genuine proof of that!


So as John Denver once said, "All my bags are packed;  I'm ready to go" - happy that the ICEF Berlin Workshop has truly been a fantastic event albeit a bit sad that this year, possibly more than in previous years, these three days have literally flews by!


We cannot, however, conclude this article without congratulating the dynamic ICEF team for their immaculate organisation. We have done our fieldwork and been collecting feedback from delegates on a daily basis and we haven't heard a single negative comment about this year's ICEF Berlin Workshop...which is certainly not an easy job to do when you're dealing with 2,400 plus people.


So hats off to you ICEF. Thankfully, unlike John Denver, we know exactly when we'll be back again, and that's in a year's time. Dankeschön und auf wiedersehen (hope that's correct!!!)

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