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Our teaching methods at Maltalingua

Published EDU-WorldWide on Thursday, August 23, 2018

Here at Maltalingua English Language School we believe that language acquisition is successfully achieved through active communication, interaction and participation in real scenarios. Our teachers are passionate about our teaching methodology, where we use guided discovery to enable our students to find solutions to their own problems with the help of their class-mates and teacher. English is used throughout the whole school and all classes are conducted in English to give learners a fully immersive experience.

The teachers at Maltalingua are here to facilitate a balanced focus through guided discovery of grammar, lexis and pronunciation to enable students to successfully acquire the English language. By setting up speaking activities that reflect real life scenarios it gives them a real chance to use the language.

There are many different preferences in learning styles such as kinaesthetic (learning hands on), auditory (learning by listening) and visual (learning using visual aids and realia). Grammar is very important when learning English but pronunciation and speaking activities are essential in obtaining new vocabulary. Students must be given the opportunity to express themselves with their new lexical tools.

Our teachers are very committed to creating a friendly and comfortable atmosphere in the classroom, which gives students the confidence to realise that it is OK to make mistakes when learning. We want students to feel supported and guided by lowering stress levels and therefore accentuating student’s ability to learn.

We know that every student has the capacity to learn, and every student learns in a different way and at different times. Each student is supported through ongoing analysis of their needs, as we are aware that linguistic needs tend to change throughout the learning process.

As any teacher will tell you, we all can learn something new every day. It is vital for our teachers at Maltalingua to be proactive and pursue their own personal professional development, to benefit our students and find new and exciting ways to make learning English easy and enjoyable.

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