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EAQUALS Webinar Series - T for Writing

Published Bernice on Monday, March 13, 2023 11:54 AM

EAQUALS Webinar Series - T for Writing

Most students do not like their writing lessons. They feel it is a tedious and complex skill, and they can’t seem to understand the rationale behind teaching them writing nor do they value the teachers’ effort to make them better writers. Also, the lower the students’ level, the more challenging the teachers’ job becomes. Matters worsened particularly during remote teaching. Most language teachers felt anxious and outside their comfort zone when teaching writing remotely. Similarly, many undergraduate students were lost and built an attitude towards self-directed instruction. Thus, developing students’ writing has become one of the most challenging skills to develop and assess during remote teaching. This session focuses on the different (Ts) teachers can do or use in order to help students see the purpose behind their writing lessons and develop them as independent learners. It also introduces some digital tools to integrate when teaching writing. Participants will walk away with classroom activities suitable for undergraduate ESL students, and some practical solutions to problems faced during writing lessons.


Abeer is the DoS and educational consultant at PUA, a freelance trainer, CELTA tutor and NILE and TransformELT consultant. She has 24 years of experience, ten of which focused on organizational management & training. She has published and done training internationally. Her professional special interests are teacher training, materials development, management, ICT and working closely with teachers.

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