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Summer in South Africa with Avenue English

Published Bernice on Wednesday, January 4, 2023 9:27 AM

Summer in South Africa with Avenue English

Happy 2023 to everyone for a most fabulous year ahead!

Every year, both Avenue English centres close for a very short summer break:  AE Cape Town for one week between Christmas and New Year, and AE Johannesburg from the middle of December to the second week in January (3 weeks).

Johannesburg students arrange their beach holidays, game parks and hiking all over South Africa.  Cape Town students have a short breather to relax around the city from the early mornings to the late sunsets.

It just seems like a no-brainer for students to be in South Africa for summer!

Snow bombs and freezing weather all over the northern hemisphere and we are enjoying crazy sun-kissed days on beaches or parks or wine farms or mountains or sublime restaurants offering the best cuisine in the world!

On the final day of school before the summer break in Cape Town, Avenue English took students on a leisurely drive to Hout Bay – all along the Atlantic coast and wow, does that put life in perspective!  Fresh fish and chips at the harbour takeout to discuss Christmas plans and then a walk on the beach to digest.  A seal joined us just behind the first waves skipping and frolicking in the water in a fish feast frenzy!

Avenue English Johannesburg finished off their year walking to the local library to get some old-school library skills into practice.  Everyone loved the fresh summer breeze walk with the promise of an afternoon thunderstorm, and the most gorgeous flora that Johannesburg offers up every summer.  There’s a quirkiness about our local library – solid wooden, round tables behind the shelves of categorized books that are still stamped for return dates.

And so back to school, back to our courses and our late afternoon braais with happy students eager to continue with this amazing summer long after the school day is wrapped up.

Avenue English Johannesburg and Cape Town – summer in both cities. World-class language schools in Africa.

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