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10 reasons to study Spanish in Denia during the winter season

Published EDU-WorldWide on Monday, November 18, 2019

Study Spanish in Denia during the winter season

Denia is placed in a very privileged position, roughly at the same distance between Valencia and Alicante. Although it is a coastal city, it is flanked by a unique natural reserve, thereby giving this area an even more touristic potential, not only in the summer months. TLCdénia Spanish school is open all year round, do not hesitate in coming during the winter, here you have the reasons:

  1. During the winter, Denia´s weather fluctuates between 10 and 19 degrees. For this reason, temperatures are always outdoors friendly.
  2. Unlike what you may think, during the cold season there are still plenty of different activities to do.
  3. You can make the most of your stay by practicing more Spanish with locals, since there are less tourists. Denia´s people are very welcoming and friendly, always willing to give a hand. Remember that visiting the bars, markets or getting to know the nightlife will help you to improve not only your Spanish language, but also your general knowledge.
  4. 4. Nature is all around. Students can discover our extensive 20 miles coastline and the charming towns near Denia. The Montgó Natural Park, Bernia and its ´Forat´, and Segaria´s mountains offer an excellent sight, all of them being a must try for hiking lovers.
  5. If you´re a sailing fan, you can´t miss this chance! Weather conditions allow us to sail throughout the year. You have different options if you want to rent a boat so you can decide whether you sail with or without a skipper.
  6. “La Sella Golf” is one of the greatest attractions if you´re a golf enthusiast. It presents an outstanding setting to enjoy this sport during the winter months. Golf is an excellent outdoors option and suitable for different ages and levels.
  7. Denia is surrounded by many different attractive towns. Students can make a trip to visit them and discover the amazing landscapes, views and scenery they have to offer. Some of them are: Castell, Jalón, Llíber, Vall de Ebo, Gallinera, De Alcalá de Vall or Laguar, with its fascinating waterfalls and fountains.
  8. Denia´s gastronomy is unrivalled. Home of the prestigious “Quique Dacosta” restaurant, candidate for “City of Gastronomy of UNESCO” and awarded with three Michelin stars. As if this were not enough, it is also the ideal place to enjoy tapas. Bars and restaurants always set up “tapas tours” where students can try the variety of our cuisine at a reasonable price.

High quality fish is the emblem of the city. The fish market is always open and can be visited by the students. Here, they can watch the harbour and fishing boats while the fish auction takes place. Moreover, they can buy fresh caught fish as well. Denia and its surrounding areas offer an antique wine-making tradition. The wines of Jalon and the vineyards of Teulada need to be highlighted; students shouldn´t miss the opportunity to taste them. There are other local products like cherries from Alicante´s mountains and the Marina Alta wine.

  1. In Denia you have the unique opportunity to study Spanish in a school accredited by the Cervantes Institute. TLCdenia complies the mandatory quality requirements by the Cervantes Institute, ensuring the professionalism and quality of the school.
  2. The privileged chance to take the DELE exams. You will not only improve your Spanish skills, but also prepare for the official exam if you wish to take it. The DELE exams (Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language) are also carried out in Denia, which is a true advantage.

Do you still need more reasons? Don´t think twice and catch the opportunity to learn the Spanish language in this wonderful city!

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