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Published on Monday, May 22, 2017

Studying abroad can be considered as one of the unique points that can set students apart from their peers. While some skills can be taught, others are gained through experience. Through studying abroad students get the opportunity to gain independence and learn self-reliance as they get the opportunity to analyse different cultural situations and solve a variety of problems that may crop up when living in a foreign country. Students also learn the ability to adapt and deal with new situations, polish their cross-cultural communication and competencies as well as gain self-organisation skills, which can be transferred into any prospective workplace.


However, figuring out which institution or country to study in can be a confusing task. One thing that ought to be of major consideration should be the quality of life in relation to the quality of education. Some may think that it is important to push for a top institution regardless of the quality of life often leaving them unable to sustain themselves throughout their course of study, whilst others may choose to look for cheaper more suitable quality of life which may be detrimental to their choice of institution. Global College Malta can be considered as an institution that can help combat this difficult decision.


Global College Malta is located in SmartCity based on the Mediterranean Island of Malta, Malta is a country that boasts of 300 days of sunny weather per year whilst being one of the top ten safest countries to live in, in the world. Additionally, the cost of living in Malta in comparison to its European counterparts is considerably lower retaining the good quality of life that one expects. Malta is fast becoming a chosen destination by individuals considering higher education as it has vast potential for international career development. Malta is an attractive student destination due to all that it has to offer; a mixture of culture, tradition, history as well as entertainment that pleases the tastes of all; in fact in 2016 alone Malta welcomed 76,730 students.  Malta offers all of this without compromising on the quality of education, as Global College Malta is one of the top private institutions for higher education based in Malta, offering a wide range of European accredited degree courses both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. All of this in partnership with leading industry professionals and academic institutions such as the University of Chester make it the ideal place to study. Besides the degree courses awarded by Global College Malta as an academic body, Global College Malta also offers British degrees awarded by the University of Chester. Hence a student may opt to read and acquire a British degree whilst in Malta, without incurring the extra costs of living in the UK and enjoy a little sunshine in between.


For more information about Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses offered at Global College Malta, contact us on +356 2180 1252  or via email on or visit the website:

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