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Student Works' Work Placement Program

Published Lynne on Monday, August 16, 2021 12:00 AM

student works placement

Welcome to Student Works, an educational tour agency based in the UK since 2013. Since we started we have seen changes throughout the industry each year, from University entrances declining in certain countries, and agent partnerships with universities becoming increasingly more rigid, to English courses going from face to face to online and students waiting for an opportunity to get back into the UK to study face to face, to work programs consisting of paid jobs for european students, Erasmus placements and Brexit stopping both of these. One thing that has remained constant is internships, or volunteering or work placements across the UK and also into IRELAND and Malta, covering a wide variety of industries. This is what I want to talk about to you all now and how we can work together. 

Student Works guarantees internships and volunteering opportunities in:

- Art & Design - Accounting

- Architecture - Education

- Engineering - Environment

- Fashion - Finance & Economics

- Hospitality, Events & Tourism

- HR & Talent Management

- International Business - IT

- Journalism & Media - journalism can be difficult

- NGOs & Non-Profits

- Real Estate - PR & Marketing

- Science and many more 

The most popular being social media, marketing, business and administration. 

We also then work with charities large and small in volunteering positions in retail covering customer service to back-end office and logistics work. 

All positions are based in the country and allow people to do full-time or part-time hours, giving people the opportunity to study alongside if they want to or enjoy the country in their spare time if they want. 

The advantages to this program is the benefits to experience, new skills and knowledge to add to a c.v. for future employment, or towards the students current study program whether it a degree or masters they are pursuing. 

We accept applicants from all over the world and the process is simple for a professional internship and volunteering. 

- Over 18 with no maximum age 

- Must have graduated in the last 12x months or still be enrolled in a UNIVERSITY 

- Can do 1x week to a maximum 1x year on the program 

- Guaranteed placement if you have a B1 level of English or above (we even place UK students into these placements)

- VISA sponsorship guaranteed 

All applications need to have a TIER 5 government authorised exchange visa, so Student works issues the placement confirmation, our partner issues the sponsorship and then the UK GOV issues the visa. 

If however, you have customers from the EU then they can do an ENGLISH course and volunteer in a charity with no TIER 5 visa needed. This does not apply to international applicants. 

For applications, it is a simple c.v to be sent in ENGLISH, video interview to check their level, details of what they want to do in regards to start date, end date and locations…. Remembering we cover the whole of the UK, IRELAND and Malta. We have over 600 active businesses and regularly update the website with urgent positions but many businesses will take good applications that meet their needs and will make space and training available for an intern or volunteer.

Although we do not get involved with the businesses and what or if they will pay expenses, stipend or similar, we do encourage them to help the applicants, but we do not guarantee it. 

Student Works also pay commission to all agents or schools that wish to work with us in this program. 

From doing this program over 80% over all interns have been offered a job in their preferred sector from doing an internship or volunteering in an English-speaking company as opposed to their other peers who have not got any work experience behind them.

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