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Why students feel safe learning Spanish in Denia

Published Bernice on Friday, February 26, 2021 12:00 AM

Student safety at TLC Denia

Denia is a medium-sized Spanish city located between Valencia and Alicante. It is a very attractive destination for Spanish students as it has a beautiful coastline and mountain landscapes.

TLCdénia is a Spanish school located in Denia in Spain and has students from many different countries and of all ages. It has programs for all ages: from children from 5 years old, teenagers, adults and seniors.

During the pandemic TLCdénia is working hard to ensure the health of its students holding strict health requirements as requested by FEDELE´s protocol (Schools of Spanish as a Foreign Language Federation) and SICTED.

Since June 1st, it has remained open and continues with intensive Spanish courses. Students feel comfortable and safe at school and also thanks to the city of Denia, which they consider a safe place.

What makes Denia a safe place for students during the pandemic

No crowds

Being a small city there are not many crowds of people in the streets but there is a rather calm atmosphere, especially in autumn, winter, and spring.

Extensive beaches

Beach lovers are lucky to have very long sandy and rocky beaches where they have  guaranteed space.

Warm climate that allows you to spend time outdoors

At this time it is very important to spend leisure time outdoors to avoid contact in closed spaces. Luckily, we have an excellent climate that allows us to be outside in addition to many natural spaces: walking along the beach or the promenade, hiking in the Montgó Natural Park, walking or cycling along the Vía Verde.

The bars and restaurants have a terrace

Most bars and restaurants have terraces where students can eat or drink outdoors.

No need for public transportation

In Denia it is not normally necessary to go by public transport. The distances are generally short so you can go on foot or by bike, thus avoiding the crowds in a transport.

Perfect place to visit with family

Denia is a perfect destination for families because you can do many activities with them outdoors in the mountains or at the sea.

The TLCdénia school offers the ‘Spanish for families’ program because many families are interested in coming to Denia and all want to learn Spanish (children from 5 years old with programs adapted for them and parents in adult courses).

Safe place for teens

TLCdénia offers the Spanish immersion program for juniors (from 14 to 17 years old) in the summer. In this program, adolescents do an intensive Spanish course, activities (mostly outdoors) and have accommodation with a Spanish family.

Denia is perfect for this type of student because the distances between the school, the host family and the places of interest are short, so students move comfortably on foot during their stay.

Where is Denia and how to get there

Students can catch a flight to Valencia airport or Alicante airport. From the airport to Denia it takes about an hour by car or a little bit longer by bus.

Come and study Spanish In Spain in Denia and make yourself at home!

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