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How to Tuesday - How to Start a Successful YouTube Channel

Published Bernice on Tuesday, September 14, 2021 12:00 AM

How to Start a Successful YouTube Channel

The more time passes, the more video content is becoming relevant to the social media world in general, and to the International Education Industry as a whole. Many social media platforms are now moving towards more elaborate video content, and more and more users are viewing, sharing and creating video content themselves. This leads to one simple conclusion: If you want to be seen, heard, followed and chosen, you need to create video content as well. And when it comes to video content, the most obvious choice to go to and the most successful and widely-followed platform for that purpose is, without a doubt, YouTube. So in our 'How to Tuesday' section today, we are going to speak to you about what it takes to create a successful YouTube Channel for your business.

Our 'How to Tuesday' posts are brough to us thanks to a collaboration between Schools & Agents and our sister-company BaiLogik.

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