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St Edward's College Malta: Mapping Water Catchment

Published Lynne on Tuesday, March 22, 2022 12:00 AM

St Edward's College Malta: Mapping Water Catchment

During the second break a group of four year 10 students, Yani Muscat, Alfonso Reisang Tolomeo, Raoul La Cognata and Andreas Aquilina Bondin pored over plans of the college’s main buildings. They marked measurements and plot points, and started constructing an accurate map of college grounds. This map’s main purpose is to display rainwater collection points. Their efforts are part of a greater college-wide project to study the rainwater catchment system and water quality at St Edward’s College.

Guided by Mr Galea Pellicano the students spent several break periods going around college, measuring the distance between pipes with a metre wheel, and noting down these measurements, with the final goal to put their findings to paper. The students used cartographic skills, acquired in geography, to plot and locate all pipes, manholes and gullies around college on the plan. The main objective is to have an updated contemporary plan of the current situation of our college’s rainwater catchment system and to be able to make future decisions on improvement or investment in new infrastructure, and ultimately to make sure that every drop of water is utilized as best as possible.

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