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Check out this Sports Management Course at Avanza Training Academy, Malta

Published Bernice on Friday, July 2, 2021 12:00 AM

Sports Management Course Malta

Sport is a demonstration of human potential and growth development, recognised as character building. Therefore appears throughout contemporary education, however, it is more than a lesson at school. It is a lifestyle, a life choice, that is central to the lives of countless players, coaches, officials and indeed spectators. Sport has endured a long history throughout mankind, however, as an academic discipline remains in its infancy. The study of sport came into effect during the mid 20th century and has since this time provided a fruitful insight into the practice of sport as being a vibrant, exciting and  competitive industry.

Avanza Academy presents its Higher Diploma in Sports Management (MQF Level 5). A two-year course designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies related to the history and psychology of sport, marketing, finance, management and law related to the sport industry. This course additionally provides students with the necessary critical think, problem-solving and interpersonal skills needed for the industry, in addition to harnessing students professional focus.

By choosing to study with Avanza Academy, students will be provided with not only the practical skills needed to support a sports management repertoire, innovative projects, and related business start-ups but also will become aware of the growing demand of the world of sports. To complement their studies, students are additionally required to complete work-based learning sports placements, where they can potentially seek new business and networking opportunities.

Avanza Academy provides the bridge between learning about the philosophy of sports management and the existing dynamic world of contemporary sports.   


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