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Highlights of learning Spanish with the Hispania Method

Published Lynne on Monday, August 31, 2020

Spanish with Hispania

Learning Spanish with the Hispania Method is finally possible in two different modalities, online and on-site, since Hispania, escuela de español launched the Comunidad Hispania six months ago: a virtual space where students can attend online live interactive Spanish lessons.

We asked our students on Instagram (@hispania.valencia) what they like the most about learning Spanish with us.

Would you like to know what they answered? Keep reading to know more about the highlights of our school!

The maximum flexibility of the method

The Hispania Method allows students to study Spanish in a very flexible way, without depending on the progress of a group. This is what our students enjoy the most in our on-site courses. Furthermore, thanks to the Comunidad Hispania, they can now enjoy this flexibility when learning Spanish without the need to travel.

“I can now wear my pyjamas while I learn Spanish!” Darko, a student from China, joked. Similarly, Sim, a student from Korea, said, “Although I am in Korea now, I can keep learning Spanish with Hispania, which helps me a lot.” To attend lessons, students only need an electronic device (computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet) with internet connection, so there are no geographical barriers, and students can learn Spanish comfortably from home. It is very easy!

The best digital resources

Learning Spanish in our school allows you to take advantage of the digital resources. Besides, teachers carefully plan the material for each class according to the necessities of the participating students and take into account the benefits of the digital resources in both, our on-line and on-site campus. Thanks to the best digital resources, communication and learning are guaranteed!

Teachers trained at Hispania, escuela de español with the Hispania Method

However, what students like the most are the teachers, who are great professionals in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. They have been trained at Hispania, escuela de español and all use our unique Hispania Method, accredited by national and international institutions such as Instituto Cervantes and EAQUALS, Excellence in Language Education. Hispania, escuela de español has more than 18 years of experience and more than 3,000 students studied Spanish at its school in Valencia last year.

Moussa, a student who studied before on-site in Valencia and now in the Comunidad Hispania, said, “teachers are nice, and teach Spanish incredibly. In addition, they are friendly and intelligent”, to which Eva added, “thanks to the Comunidad Hispania, I learn Spanish as if I were studying in your school in Valencia.” Rywen, a student from Algeria, agrees that teachers and the student care team are really nice.

According to Carolina, an Italian student who has recently come back to our school in Valencia to take her DELE Preparation course, the highlight of our school is how the team helps students, not only with their Spanish progress, but also providing some additional support. “The thing I like the most about Hispania is the affection, kindness, and professionalism of all the members of the team”, Carolina explains.

Would you like to learn Spanish in the most awarded Spanish school easily from home? Would you like to check that what our students says is true?

Then, contact us to try one of our online or on-site classes yourself!

Hope to see you soon!

Hispania, escuela de español

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