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Website Monday: How to use social media to connect with Agents

Published Bernice on Monday, May 16, 2022 12:00 AM

How to use social media to connect with Agents

It's a new week, which means that it's time for four new tips on how you can use the Schools & Agents website better. Today, rather than speaking about the website itself, we are going to focus on how you can use social media, especially our own platforms, to connect with those agents who follow us and are our members. So here we go...

Join our Groups on Facebook and LinkedIn

At Schools & Agents we have two very active social media groups. One is on Facebook and one is on LinkedIn. These groups are there so that our member schools can post their news and share their updates. That way our agents can find out all about what is happening at their schools. These two platforms are also a place where our service providers and agents can also share their own news and updates. So if you are Schools & Agents members already, what are you waiting for? Join our Facebook group here. And our LinkedIn group here...and start sharing your updates today!

Send us content to share and disseminate on your behalf

If you are too busy to share updates on our social media channels, do not worry. We can take care of that on your behalf as part of your membership package. You can send the content to us in the form of an article accompanied by an image, and we will make sure to publish this on our platform, and share and disseminate widely on our social media channels. This means that we will share the post on Instagram, Facebook page and group, and also LinkedIn page, group and our own profiles, where we are also connected with hundreds of industry partners.

Make sure that the content you send us is targeted at the right audience

This means that, if you are a school and you want to send us articles to share with agents, make sure that the tone of voice in your articles is targeted at agents. Sometimes schools write blog posts for their websites and these blogs would be targeted at the direct market, or at parents, for example. On our website, our audience is made up of agents, in other words, B2B. The tone of voice in your articles needs to reflect that. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need to discuss this with a member of our time so that we can guide you better. 

Be present where agents are present

You need to find those platforms where agents have a presence...and share content that is aimed at them over there. Sometimes this means moving outside of your comfort zone and become acquainted with social media platforms that you are still not fully comfortable with. We meet a lot of schools who are perfectly comfortable creating content which is targeted at the direct market on Facebook, Instagram and sometimes even TikTok. However, this content needs to be adapted and tweaked if you intend to share it on LinkedIn, because on this platform, your audience is going to be different.

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