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How to Keep up Appearances on Social Media

Published Bernice on Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Social media guide
Everyone is looking for better Customer Care - Here's how you can provide it!
1: Be present on all channels
Make sure you know which social media channels your target audience is present on, and be present there yourselves. From social media, to live chatting services, to email, to phone....if you tell your clients that you can be reached on these channels, make sure that you do check them out and that you are reachable there.
2. Don't just focus on selling
Even though, for many of us, selling is what we need (especially now) to stay afloat, you can also use this time wisely. The whole world is going through a crisis, therefore, it is normal that people might not have the money to buy any of your services right now. Rather than insisting on "selling something", try showing your customers that you are an expert in the field. Try showing them (rather than telling them) that you are better, that you are truly different. Building trust, goes a very long way in building lasting business partnerships.
3. Know why you are unique
Saying that your business offers high-quality service or that your members of staff are fully trained, doesn't cut it any more. Such standards are expected from every business, so having these standards only makes you "average". Delve deeper, say how you offer the service, why you are different, and what is at the core of your company.

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