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Search Tutor - What to expect from Search Tutor in the coming months

Published Lynne on Wednesday, September 1, 2021 12:00 AM

Search Tutor Expectations

What can you expect from Search Tutor in the coming months?

Search Tutor is looking forward to welcoming registered tutors and students to our platform in the coming months to tutor and to study a variety of subjects. We have recently been in contact with a tutor who has already registered with Search Tutor to learn more about what she expects from Search Tutor and what she hopes to achieve in the future whilst using our unique online learning platform.

Feedback from Razan Joma’a, a registered tutor with Search Tutor

"I believe Search Tutor will be able to bridge the gap between students and tutors. As Search Tutor is a British-registered company, this will add to the accreditation that we need, especially here in the Middle East. Search Tutor's social media platforms appear to be well maintained and informative and I believe this will help to reach out to help engage with large numbers of prospective students. I also believe that once Search Tutor is fully launched it will have a big impact on the education market!”

If you are interested in becoming a registered tutor with Search Tutor, then consider applying today to begin you new online tutoring journey!

Study the SELT exam at Search Tutor

Search Tutor is happy to announce that students can now choose to study the SELT exam with search Tutor. The Secure English Language Test (SELT) is a Home Office approved English language test that focuses on all four areas of language development. The Exam is designed at the appropriate level for meeting minimum UKVI requirements by visa type.

What are the advantages of taking the SELT exam?

- Tests real-life language

- Targets specific skills needed for language development

- Take the test at one of many locations or take the test online

- Accepted by more than 90% of UK universities as a requirement for English language level

- If you are interested in learning more about the SELT exam and would like to apply as a register student at Search Tutor, then please get in contact!

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