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Italiano ON-Air" is born, the new podcast on the Italian language by Scuola Leonardo da Vinci

Published Lynne on Wednesday, June 1, 2022 12:00 AM

Italiano ON-Air

Learning a new language requires grammar and vocabulary, but perhaps even more important is developing the ability to listen. Listening to Italian in the real world, as it is spoken in life, is not only a good exercise in understanding, but it is also the first step to start speaking the language: forming sentences, getting used to the rhythm and sounds and getting to intuit the grammatical structures after listening to them over and over again.

To help all lovers of the Italian language, our teachers have created a totally free tool that can be used anywhere and at any time: "Italiano On-Air"

We are happy and proud to present our new project: a podcast born from the experience of our Italian teachers for all those who love the Italian language and would like to know it better.

A new episode every week lasting 5 minutes is written by our expert teachers on a current or cultural topic. Many interesting and funny topics will satisfy the curiosity of all lovers of the Italian language.

- In the first episode, we talked about the Eurovision Song Contest, an extraordinary event for the city of Turin.

- In the second episode, we learned what it means to "give the numbers" in Italian.

- In the third episode, we discovered the origin of blue jeans and their connection with the Italian culture.

What will the next topic be? Subscribe to our podcast to not miss any episodes!

How to make the most of our podcast:

  1. Choose a suitable time to listen. The ideal would be a time when you can relax but also concentrate, for example, while drinking a cup of coffee, doing housework or out for a lonely walk.
  2. Listen to each episode multiple times: If you didn't understand everything the first time, try listening again and focus on understanding the context, not every single word. Pause, go back and listen to some of the more difficult passages!
  3. Try repeating the words you learned while listening and try to replicate the pronunciation you just heard.

Subscribe now to our podcast on the platform of your choice and tune in for new episodes. Find us on the major podcast platforms:

- Apple Podcasts

- Spotify

- Amazon Music

- Google Podcast

Find the complete list and the episodes on:

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