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Scuola Leonardo da Vinci: Study Fashion and Design in Milan

Published Lynne on Thursday, July 15, 2021 12:00 AM

Scuola Leonardo Fashion in Milan

The Italian capital of Fashion and Design

Milan is definitely the capital of Italian fashion and design: with its periodical fashion shows, exhibitions and events, this city is the homeland of innovation and inspiration for many designers and artists.

Milan is the unique location in Italy hosting the two most important and prestigious worldly events related to Fashion and Design: the International Furniture Fair and the Fashion Week.

Together with London, New York and Paris, Milan represents the pillar of the fashion world

and the meeting point for designers, especially during the Fashion Week, an event that cannot be missed to discover the newest trends and to be inspired by the atmosphere of this city projected into the future, characterized by a combination of creativity and organization.

It is a place where it is possible to find the brands that have made the history of fashion and design (from international brands to prestigious names in small series production).

Fashion and Design Academies

Milan hosts some of the most important academies in the field of fashion and design.

Among the most popular public institutions, we can find the "Academy of Fine Arts of Milan - BRERA" and Politecnico di Milano, which is 6th in the ranking of the best design universities in the world.

Among the private academies, we can find Domus Academy, Marangoni Institute European Institute of Design IED, and NABA, which offer design and fashion programs both in Italian and in English.

Marangoni Institute European Institute of Design IED, and NABA offer both undergraduate and post-graduate programs, while Domus Academy offers post-graduate programs.

These fashion academies have a vast educational offer, organizing courses in partnership with the largest fashion houses.

The courses train designers not only with stylistic and creative abilities but also give them the necessary tools and capacity to define innovative products and place a final product in the market. There are also programs which combine the fashion and design elements with business and marketing, to give students a complete overview in this field, since the professional figures of buyers or country managers are more and more requested.

In addition to the international vision, more and more academies also have a forward-looking vision for a green future, offering courses on sustainable fashion in which the environmental and social impact of fashion is studied. The quality of teaching is also demonstrated by the fact that more than 80% of students can find a job in the sector after graduation.

If the quality of the institutions and education is not enough to choose Milan as a destination for Fashion or Design studies, there is still much more to tell…

Milan being dynamic and international, it is not just about fashion and design: it has a wide cultural offer with its monuments and museums, there is the opportunity to discover the different districts that constitute the soul of Milan such as the bohemian district of the Navigli or Brera, the most artistic district.

For students looking for an international experience, Milan is the best place to choose, since it is closer to the neighboring countries with the possibility to visit France, Switzerland or Austria within a few hours' journey. It is also very easy to travel around the city thanks to the excellent public transportation service that is very affordable and efficient. In fact, Milan is the symbol of efficiency and reliability, being at the same time student-friendly with the countless co-working spaces, it is also full of restaurants, shops and museums offering great discounts for university students.

This fantastic city is always up with the times and we would dare say one step ahead, thinking about an innovative and greener future.

Preparation courses for Fashion and Design Academies

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci has many years of experience in preparing students for the admission test and offers university preparation courses for fashion and design academies, both in Italian and in English.

The preparation courses include all the subjects of the admission tests and are held by teachers specialized in the field, with a wide experience in preparing students for the admission exam. During the course, students will focus on the strategies to attend the exam and preparing creative materials.

Our school does also help students with the admission requirements: our academic advisor is always available to help students in the enrollment process (requirements, documents to be prepared, exam application procedures).

Besides the preparation classes for our international students are available for free, a digital platform to learn and practice Italian and the possibility to participate in our free time/cultural activities to get more and more familiar with the city in which the students will study.

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