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A specific preparation course at Scuola Leonardo da Vinci to pass the CILS exam

Published Lynne on Wednesday, October 20, 2021 12:00 AM

Scuola Leonardo CISL exam preparation

The CILS certification of the University of Foreigners of Siena is an officially recognized qualification and is an important tool for work and also in education and academia. It certify the degree of linguistic and communicative competence in the study of Italian as a foreign language.

The CILS certificates are divided into different levels of competence as follows: A1-A2 (basic learner), B1-B2 (independent learner, central), C1-C2 (competent learner).
Level A2 is necessary to obtain a residence permit, level B1 citizenship to obtain Italian citizenship, level B1 is necessary for the admission of foreign students at Italian high school, level B2 is necessary for the admission of foreign students at the University in Italy. The other levels are useful in the field of work and study,

To pass a CILS exam it is essential to have the language skills required by each level. As a CILS exam center, the Leonardo da Vinci School organizes, in addition to its Italian language courses, a specific preparation course (in groups or individuals) for the CILS exam.

Those courses are held during the weeks immediately prior to the exam dates established by the Università per Stranieri di Siena and aim to provide thorough preparation with regard to the different skills required.

The exams at all levels consist of: a listening test, a reading test, an analysis of communication structures, a written test and an oral test.

The preparation focuses on the analysis of previous examinations. Starting from this it is possible to identify the specific aspects of each exam.

Analysis and testing of the examination: the student is given a comprehensive overview of the various sections that make up the exam. The teacher then introduces the individual tests illustrating their nature, main characteristics and assessment criteria used at the time of correction. It then goes on to the practice during which students face the tests, first without the time constraints imposed by the true examination, then trying to stay within those limits.

Insight: thanks to test corrections, there are continuously assessed aspects that the student should compile and utilize in proposed reinforcement activities. The teacher identifies, from time to time, critical points and specific difficulties, and program revisions targeted through certain topics through theoretical explanations and educational activities.

WHEN 25 October 2021 / 07 March 2022 / 02 May 2022 / 24 October 2022

WHERE At the Leonardo da Vinci School in Florence, Milan, Rome and Turin

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