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Schools: How to use the Schools & Agents Platform

Published on Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Here's how we can help education providers with school marketing and with using social media in schools

Schools are the stars of the show that is Schools & Agents. This is because they choose the kind of marketing plan they want and as a result, can get featured on our website. By schools, we mean any education providers that are interested in working with agents and service providers, in foreign markets. And, by promotion and “get featured” we mean the following:

1. Schools and AGENTS

Many schools initially come to us telling us that they would like to recruit more students and work with more agents. Can we start by clarifying that we are Schools & AGENTS, not Schools & STUDENTS! Therefore, we can definitely help you become more popular amongst our agent members (700+ agents as per February 2019), but we will not send you students. Having said that, we do get the one-off queries from students which we do not ignore and will gladly pass on to any relevant school members.

2. Online Directory and Cold-calling

Other schools contact us because they would like to access our online directory of Agents. Firstly, this page is locked to non-members. Secondly, we would also like to stress that relationship building is highly important in today’s business world, so please believe us when we tell you that sending bulk emails or cold calling agents will simply not work! Our platform, therefore, focuses on helping you with your school marketing by increasing brand awareness.

That way, when you need to reach out to agents, they will already be familiar with your school name, and have an idea of what you offer. It is a slower process than sending lots of emails at once, but it is definitely more effective. May we also point out that today’s technology is highly intelligent, and it is likely to realise that you are sending bulk mail. The result? Your mail is automatically sent into the Spam or Junk folder of the receiver, making your efforts a complete waste of time!

3. Online Exposure and Membership Options

So, we have now convinced you that what we preached in Point 2 is not a sales technique but it’s the truth. You decide to go for one of our school marketing membership options, and just like any other service one buys, the choice of package will determine the amount of exposure your school gets and its position on our directory page. For more information on our membership options you can go here.

4. Using Social Media in Schools

When it comes to school marketing, the strongest feature of the memberships is the sharing of your content. Schools can send us articles monthly or more frequently (depending on their type of membership). These get published on our website, shared on our social media channels and featured on our monthly newsletter. All of these channels will be reaching different agents as well as other industry players (50,000+ monthly). Using social media in schools can be quite tricky and we try to help schools as much as we can. We do this by sharing social media posts of our member schools, and also sending introductory emails to agents in the schools’ target markets, if needed.

5. More than just using Social Media in schools - we help you with content creation

Finally, a lot of our schools tell us that they would love to have more content to share on our platform or on their social channels, newsletter and website. However, at times resources may be limited. Using social media in schools is not a question of random posting from time to time. Like everything else, strategy is key, and from our side we can also help you in this area by offering social media management and content writing services.

This package is quite flexible and can be tailor-made to your needs.

We can also offer you help in terms of SEO, video and influencer marketing as well as website-building, which are all very necessary in your full digital marketing strategy not just in using social media in schools.

                                           In short, when it comes to your school marketing strategy, we've got you covered! 

All of the above is made possible because over the years, we have built a very strong network of contacts that we trust and rely on. As explained earlier on, relationship building is extremely important to us and we pride ourselves in knowing that a lot of our members come to us when they need help. This includes a lot of our member agents who know that they can come to us when they are looking for new courses, new schools, new destinations, or when they need something specific that they have not found yet. They know that Schools & Agents is the go-to place, so it is up to you, as a school, to feed us as much info as you can about you, through member articles, so that we can get to know you better. That way, when one of our agents requires something that you offer, we can immediately connect the agent with you.

Being a smaller team of people, we ensure that we get to know our clients as best we can to offer a more tailor-made and personal approach. If you have any thoughts or questions on how we can help and be part of your school marketing strategy, feel free to contact us on or

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