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Why STEM? Grab Hold of the Future with the Best Science Summer Camp in Cambridge

Published Bernice on Tuesday, February 9, 2021 12:00 AM

Grab Hold of the Future with the Best Science Summer Camp in Cambridge

Ranked as one of the best science summer camps in Cambridge, Reach loves everything Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics-related. And every year we make sure our programmes are better than ever and stay on the cutting edge of exciting new research in every STEM-field!

We know it can be a difficult task to figure out what you want to do in the future and how to prepare for university, but at Reach we feel more grateful and energised than ever about the potential that STEM and STEM-subjects have for shaping and helping our students’ (and the world’s!) future.

Offering everything from Biotechnology and Computer Science, to Mathematics, Engineering, Physics & Astronomy, and more, we’ve always believed in bringing in specific experts in each field to share their passion and also the most important questions shaping the science disciplines today.

For our Cambridge summer courses 2021, though, we’re excited to be offering a new all-in-one STEM course to help students discover their specific science passions and also make connections between disciplines. Experience the specific value of each subject, and then bring them all together to step back and consider the science horizon of 2021 as a whole!

Building on our past successes of passionate, expert teachers, lots of hand on learning and excursions to discover the science and technology shaping our exciting city of Cambridge right now, STEM at Reach is the perfect new course for any student looking to make the world better.

Science, after all, has always been about stepping back and seeing things in a new way, making new connections, and asking the right questions. Does maths have something new and not yet considered to offer the world of biotechnology? Is a recent Biotech innovation actually the answer we’ve been looking for in understanding how the universe works?

Perfect for any student never satisfied with the too-easy answers or looking to understand a bit more about how the world works, STEM is one of the fastest growing subjects around the world. Join us for our Cambridge summer courses 2021 to consider the world with fresh eyes, do experiments, and learn about what makes Cambridge science attractions like the Mathematical Bridge so special even 200 years after it was built!

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