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Marketing Mondays: Would you like to be featured on our site, social media and newsletter?

Published Bernice on Monday, January 16, 2023 7:15 AM

Would you like to be featured on our site, social media and newsletter?

At this time of the year we usually take the opportunity to catch up with our clients and partners and advise them on how to make the most of their Schools & Agents membership. A lot of these conversations revolve around the topic of ‘content’. 

Schools & Agents is very much into content. We believe that content can get you places, especially in today’s digital world where we need to come up with content that is consistent and relevant content for our target audience. 

While many companies do create a lot of business to customer (B2C) content, targeting students and parents, they still struggle when it comes to business to business (B2B) content. That’s where Schools & Agents comes in, and in today's article we are going to turn the spotlight onto our articles highlighting how these can help you reach new partners.

Articles are disseminated widely

It is simple. The more content you send the bigger the chances of attracting more partners that you are targeting. When sending frequent content you ensure that you are featured more frequently on our website and social media. Remember, we publish all our articles on our site, social media and newsletter where in total, we reach over 100,000 industry players each month.

Article Topics

Article topics may vary, from events, to new services and courses as well as anything of interest that is going on at your company. It might be that you are celebrating an important milestone, or that you want to announce a new member of staff. Whatever it is, always keep in mind that the topics you choose need to reflect what your target audience finds interesting.

Content boosts your SEO and helps you rank better on search engines

Articles are not only good to catch the attention of industry partners across our platform and social media, but they also help with SEO - Search Engine Optimisation. What is SEO? In very simple terms, SEO is that process by which your website ranks higher on different search engines. Obviously, the process is a very complex one, however, content is one of the ways in which you can start to see a big difference in your ranking. You can do so by including relevant keywords within your article as well as backlinks. By this we mean that in every article you send us, we will include links to your website, and this will boost your SEO.

On top of that, when we share your articles on our social media channels, we also tag. This gives people reading your article the possibility to connect with you directly from the posts and the articles published on our platforms.

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