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Website Monday: How can Schools & Agents be part of your Marketing Strategy?

Published Bernice on Monday, July 11, 2022 12:00 AM

How can Schools & Agents be part of your Marketing Strategy?

When it comes to recommending Schools & Agents, we always suggest using our platform as part of your Marketing strategy - whether you are a school, an agent or a service provider within the International Education Industry. In todays "Website Monday" Article, we are going to take a look at the 4 main reasons as to why we make this recommendation.

Firstly, Schools & Agents helps with your Branding and Visibility

When you send content to us, and we publish and disseminate this on various platforms such as our website, our social media channels and our newsletter, this means that your name, your brand and your products and services are constantly being showcased within industry circles. Now, it is a well-known fact, that people need to see / read about something multiple times before this sinks in and before they start recognising it. It is for this reason that a constant and consistent presence on Schools & Agents will push your visibility hence enhancing your branding.

Secondly, Schools & Agents is perfect when you are preparing to attend industry events

One of the things we always stress on is that Schools & Agents should never be a replacement of industry events. We firmly believe in the importance of face-to-face interaction, however, we also believe that getting your name out there prior to an event, will make your sales pitch at such events more effective. We often come across agents or schools or service providers who tell us that during their face-to-face meetings they meet industry partners who tell them that they've already heard about them through Schools & Agents :) This is exactly what we mean!

Thirdly, sharing content on Schools & Agents helps boost your SEO and enhances your Digital Marketing

Another very important aspect for which Schools & Agents can be an important part of your Digital Marketing strategy is SEO. When you submit articles to us, you can use your key words, you can send us links to include in the articles, and you can also send us SEO-optimized content so that when we publish this on our platforms, it helps boost your own SEO. Backlinks are known to boost SEO...and we are more than happy to link up to you in the articles that you send us, that way you gain added benefit from your membership with us. Apart from that, these links are also helpful because they enable industry partners to jump from our site directly to yours.

Finally, Schools & Agents also helps with your Social Media Marketing

In the same way that we link up to you on our website, we also link up to you on social media. This means that once we publish your article on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, we tag you on each one of these platforms. This means that, once again, industry partners will be able to go from our social media channels, directly on to yours, hence increasing your own social media reach.

So what are you waiting for? If you still haven't signed up for a Schools & Agents membership, contact us today on [email protected]

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