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Intrinsiq Process - Rollout and Launch

Published Bernice on Wednesday, April 19, 2023 9:27 AM

Intrinsiq Process - Rollout and Launch

Before officially launching Intrinsiq in a school, we do a soft launch and call that the ‘roll out phase’. Doing a soft launch at this stage helps us  to identify and fix issues, gather feedback, and manage resources more effectively. It is an important step in the software development process that can help to ensure a successful official launch.

Testing and Bug Fixing

The first reason why we do a soft launch is because this allows us to test the software in a real-world setting and identify any bugs or issues that may arise. At the same time, when a school tries out Intrinsiq in a more "official" manner it gives them the chance to operate as if they've completely made the switch to Intrinsiq without having made it yet. That helps them feel more confident when using the new software. On top of that, the roll-out stage helps to fix the issues before the public launch, which can prevent a negative user experience with the software.

We do stick to an official cut-off date

Although we do believe in the importance of a soft launch, we also make it clear to the client that there will be an official cut-off date in the project. This would be the date when the client will officially be switching to Intrinsiq and we decide this date together with the client. We understand that the idea of letting go and jumping on to the new system  is overwhelming, however the training that we provide throughout the build is enough for the client to eventually let go of the old system.

Final calls are made and final training is given

For further reassurance we sort out final calls with each department, where we ask them to navigate their daily tasks on the system prior to our call. That way any questions or uncertainties that they have can be addressed during the call.

Despite setting a final cut-off date, training is continuously given

Setting a final cut-off date is highly beneficial for the client as it gives their members of staff a deadline to get things sorted and get up to speed as to what Intrinsiq will be doing for them. Having said that, we always offer full support to our clients no matter what stage in the implementation they are at, even after launch. We do suggest they choose the launch period to be in a week where they have the lowest number of students possible at their school, so if there are any issues during that first week we can iron them out and have the system running smoothly.

For any further information about Intrinsiq, or for any other CRM-relatedmatters, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Intrinsiq team on to set up an appointment.

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