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“Remote Teaching has never been more in demand” - Intrinsiq

Published Bernice on Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Remote Teaching with Intrinsiq

With most countries struggling to contain the spread of Coronavirus, which has now been in the news for weeks on end, schools are now looking at what the next steps might be in order to keep their operation going. Many are, in fact, considering remote teaching so as to continue giving their students the best experience possible, even given the circumstances.

“Does your system allow students to upload homework and documents, which our teachers can then download and mark?”

This is a question that, at Intrinsiq, is becoming more and more popular as the days pass. And the answer is a very simple, YES it does. Students can upload documents and these can be automatically linked to the student records within the system itself. Furthermore Intrinsiq can integrate with existing online learning tools to provide a seamless experience for the student and teachers.

That way, classes can still continue to be carried out remotely. What some schools are doing is that they are adding on conversational classes through Skype or Slack or any other video conferencing tool of their choice which students can easily get installed on their laptops or phones.


If you feel that this is the way forward for you, and that this is something you might benefit from, why don’t you drop us a line on and we’ll hop into a call with you asap and give you a demo of how this will work. The system is simple and straightforward, which is something that we always believe in.

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